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What is Responsive Website Design?

Internet users of the present day world can be found literally everywhere. Starting from queues at a bus stop to cafes, people can be found browsing the internet on their mobile devices at different places. Though the devices may vary but the thing that remains common is a well-designed, fully functional responsive website. In simple words responsive web design can be defined as the approach of designing and developing websites in such a way that they respond to the user’s environment and behavior based on orientation, platform and screen size.

Some of the key features that work in conjunction to create a responsive web design are:

Some of the key features that work in conjunction to create a responsive web design are:
Easy maintenance

Responsive website designing have maintenance free feature.

Multi-device adaptation

Smartphones, tablets or desktops, have multiple screen sizes, but guess what, all user views a similar content of a particular website on different devices

Higher ranking in Google search

Google officially claimed that responsive design will affect search rankings on mobile devices. So you make it easier for search engines to understand and serve your content.

Higher conversion

You dont need to tell about your business if you are ready with our webistes.


Responsive website design can drastically cut down on development time and cost. Rather than spending the time and resources building a separate mobile website in addition to your traditional desktop website.

Ensure a quality user experience

Browsing a responsive site with a mobile device you don’t have to waste time with zooming, shrinking, and pinching your screen. The site automatically adjusts to your screen size.

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